As the largest pure-play managed mobility service provider in North America, Stratix handles the entire rugged device lifecycle program from support to replacement, 24/7/365.


Atomic Wash was tasked to update and modernize the brand identity of a 35-year-old B2B organization to better reflect their current industry and position them for continued growth.


  • Atomic Wash developed and produced a Brand Blueprint that uncovered the heart of the brand and enabled us to develop a compelling, relevant brand voice and tagline as well as sales messaging and value propositions.
  • We created a complete logo exploration that presented a range of meaningful designs, increasing stakeholder confidence in the final logo choice.
  • Designed and built a high-impact website that presents the brand as the hero, simplifies the organization’s capabilities and services, and offers strong CTAs throughout
  • Collaborated with in-house marketing to create a brand launch plan with multiple deliverables including emails, direct mail, social media and event initiatives


  • The new brand identity and voice resonated with all key stakeholders and incented them to increase their investment in the brand launch
  • In less than a month, the new website delivered significantly higher SEO results.
  • The brand launch initiatives succeeded in turning employees into brand ambassadors, garnered industry and media attention, and renewed interest in the brand

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