Our Methodology

Coffee. Conversation. Pen. Paper. Every journey starts the same way.
We ask questions. We listen. We take notes. We sketch a few ideas for later.
We ask more questions. We shake hands. Then, we start.
Researching. Prospecting. Learning. White-boarding.
Understanding. Surveying. Plotting. Envisioning. Delivering.

We are Brand Architects.
Simply stated, the true nature of our business, far beyond visual, audible and verbal communication, is problem solving. Getting our clients from point A to points B through Z, in the most disruptive, engaging, meaningful, memorable, and authentic ways possible.

We create ideas.
They translate into compelling brand identities, websites, ads, and other marketing and sales communications. But the thinking comes first – strategic, conceptual, creative, breakthrough. It’s the foundation for everything we do. Atomic Wash specializes in brand creation taking a very thoughtful approach to brand development. We can start from a blank page, or re-energize your existing brand and define the brand’s voice. Together, we help make meaningful connections with your employees, customers, investors and your industry.

It starts with a conversation.
And Coffee. And a Pen. And some paper.

Let’s Do Coffee.

Let’s talk. Let’s listen. Let’s ideate, create and use other fun and interesting words that come with working with us.
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Our Process

Brands are built on truths about your company, your culture, your vision, and your beliefs.

These truths provide the foundation for clear and consistent communication; an emotional and meaningful connection with your target audience. Atomic Wash helps you uncover them, and deliver exceptional levels of creativity and strategic expertise.

Brand Blueprint

We start with research and discovery, interviewing the stakeholders and surveying the competitive landscape. We perform a brand assessment and evaluate your current messaging and collateral, comparing what you’re saying compared to your competition. We work with you to determine the right place to build your brand. We blueprint the conversation. What you should say, how you should say it and why you’re different from the competition. We help you define your brand voice and essence.

Brand Framework

We focus on creativity and ideation. We find the deep, rich and meaningful essence of who you are as an organization AND a brand. Atomic Wash develops the key facets of your new identity; from naming and logo designs through to tagline options, you will see your brand take shape and realize what it can truly become, a formidable beacon for your marketplace. We develop several design directions for discussion and review, and work with you and your team to craft the final creative solution.

Brand Build

Atomic Wash builds out the brand framework across all platforms and all touch points. From websites and print collateral through to business presentations, RFP responses, packaging, signage, broadcast and outdoor marketing, your brand will have the continuity it needs to build success. We also create internal launch kits, to assist in sales training. Everyone in your organization will become “brand ambassadors,” telling your unique story in the same consistent way. Atomic Wash also assists in sales training to facilitate easy adoption of the new brand.

Brand Launch

Atomic Wash works with you to roll out your new brand across the most effective media channels for your industry and marketspace. We can serve as your outsourced media team or an adjunct to you existing team, crafting press releases, media kits, and social media programs.

Brand Support

Atomic Wash will serve as your brand stewards, providing ongoing consultation and management, either quarterly or as needed, to ensure that the message stays true to the initial vision for the company. We strive for authentic, lasting client relationships. This means listening rather than selling, learning and sharing your passion for your brand. It takes time and trust to build a solid foundation, but that’s okay. We’re in it for the long haul. We know that great relationships produce great work – and unbeatable results.

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