Walmart – Love Your Piggy Bank

Multi-Channel Campaign

Money Network®  “Love Your Piggy Bank” Promotion for a Big Box Money Network®

One of the world’s largest big-box retailers offers their employees the option to get paid through Money Network®, electronic payroll distribution service. The service provides employees with a debit card and checks linked to a private, personal account where their pay is automatically deposited bi-monthly. Once they have signed up for the service, employees can download and register their Account on the Money Network App. The app enables them to check balances, pay bills and transfer funds at any time on their mobile device. It also includes a “Piggy Bank” feature that allows them to set funds aside for future use. The funds inside Piggy Banks are hidden from the Account balance and cannot be used to pay for purchases unless the Account holder transfers funds back into their main Money Network account.

The retailer has offered Money Network to employees for over 10 years and almost a quarter of the retailer’s employees use the Service. As part of an ongoing corporate effort to educate employees about the importance of saving and building financial security, they came up with an idea to launch a short-term internal-focus campaign that offered employees a $10 reward for trying the Piggy Bank feature on the Money Network App. They asked Money Network to create, produce and manage the campaign for them.

To ensure success, Money Network partnered with Atomic Wash to help with concept, design and execution. After a brainstorming session, the team selected “Love Your Piggy Bank” as the campaign theme. The team designed a brand identity to support the theme and developed a range of multi-channel initiatives in order to get the message out to as many employees as possible in a very short time frame.



The campaign launched on Oct. 25, 2016 and ran through Dec. 2, 2016 – a period of only 38 days. It included direct mail letters, emails, web banners and a Facebook page aptly named “Love Your Piggy Bank.” The goal was to incent 25,000 Money Network Account holders to open up a Piggy Bank and transfer funds into it by Dec. 2. The campaign was an overwhelming success that far exceeded the goal. Over 75,000 associates utilized the Money Network App to set up a Piggy Bank and transferred money into it by Dec. 2. Unexpectedly, the retailer also experienced a huge increase in employee interest in the service. Thousands of employees signed up for Money Network during the campaign which streamlines payroll operations for the retailer, and makes getting paid easier and faster for employees.

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