Intersection Partners, a forward-thinking investment firm focused on backing verticals that positively impact society, wanted to create a unique identity for their firm. Their criteria demanded a “never-before-seen” logo that would illustrate their experience and passion. It had to be timeless, it had to be crafted outside the confines of the digital experience. Most importantly though, it had to fully tell their story, which proved to be quite the challenge as the discovery process revealed just how meaningful that story truly was.

Ultimately, through an extensive collaborative effort, the ‘Logostration’ was born. Taking inspiration from various religious and cultural belief systems held by the company’s principals, Atomic Wash crafted something that was much more than a logo.

Instead, a storytelling device that spoke to the history, authenticity and integrity of Intersection Partners was engineered by hand. With over 50 elements comprising the symbol, the symbology provided an opportunity to generate a conversation with potential clients from a number of angles. To date, the Intersection Logostration garners attention in every venue its displayed. From international conferences, to boardrooms, to the first-class section of an Airbus 330- in turn allowing their mission to spread, grow, and continue along in its own positively unique way.

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