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Once known as the ‘Go-to’ website for buying and sending gift cards, by 2013 had become a declining brand. A new CEO stepped in, and after assessing the company’s branding and website, he felt drastic change was needed to happen in order to improve the company’s bottom line. He called us for help.

Our lead Creative team headed to Omaha, Nebraska to meet with the company spending two days identifying and assessing marketing needs and objectives, different target audiences, competitive landscape, sales strategy, and strengths and weaknesses. With that inside information, we developed a ‘Branding Blueprint’ that defined the messaging for each target audience and established their core messaging. In addition, we created a new logo, tagline and identity system, applying it, along with the new messaging, across every medium – from websites and on-line campaigns through business cards, print collateral and sales presentations.

Atomic Wash also created a B2C implementation strategy plan with a phased rollout plan for the new branding, marketing message and go-to-market strategy that prioritized the various initiatives, identified key milestones/deliverables, and spread the cost over 12 months. Finally, with the help of AzulArc, Atomic Wash developed a highly effective B2B website aimed at corporate gifting and incentives, called The new site took a rather convoluted business model and broke it down to a simple 3-step process.

With the new branded look and strategy in place, along with the easy-to-use corporate gift website, is now gaining traction in a very competitive marketplace and seeing ROI on their brand investment.

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