Brand Development

Clinically Home, a revolutionary start-up company, developed and clinically-validated a new proprietary healthcare delivery system to provide (integrated) hospital-level acute and post-acute medical care in the increased comfort, improved safety, and significantly lower cost of the home. The organization needed a brand identity which could support the fledgling company.

Atomic Wash was selected from a group of competing agencies to become the Agency-of-record for Clinically Home. As the cornerstone of any brand, we were tasked with developing a unique and memorable logo for this progressive startup that conveyed “a hospital in your home.”

Atomic Wash got to work finding the best way to convey the professionalism of a hospital combined with the safety and comfort of being in your own home. After a thorough amount of research, sketching and development, we came to the conclusion that the answer was right in front of our eyes. We co-opted the very familiar “hospital” road sign and tailored it to tell a different story. We also developed a tagline, “Your Home. Our Hospital”.

This compelling brand identity set a solid foundation for the company with supported growth. After a very successful run, Amedisys acquired Clinically Home in 2013.

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