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November 06, 2014

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WorldPay, a global leader in transactional payment processing, is an exceptional commerce company. They stand behind their products and services and have an incredible track record of helping their client’s businesses move forward. The Marketing Director of WorldPay wanted to promote the integrity and world-class security of their payment services through video. He came to Atomic Wash and tasked us with providing the full range of creative services needed to tell their stories of success and dedication to their customers.


Once we brainstormed with the Marketing Director, we realized that the best approach would be to create two sets of videos for the organization. The first set were designed as case studies that illustrated how WorldPay has helped their clients in times of crisis- when the client’s computer systems had been compromised. The second set of videos were strictly for promotional purposes and featured real WorldPay employees extolling the virtues of their company in a fun and engaging way.


To pull off this project, it was necessary for us to produce a full video production, complete with wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists and a film studio. We even coached the employees to help them become more comfortable behind the camera. The end result is videos that are engaging, educational and have longevity.


Both sets of videos are prominently featured on the WorldPay website as a selling and sales training tool. They also run on a continuous loop in the lobby of their North America Headquarters.

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