User Interface

After successfully completing the branding project for SAMI (Smart Access to Medical Information) Health, a start-up health company providing advanced index search technology to empower easy, real time, cross platform access to information when, where and how its needed. They asked us to design the SAMI user interface system. After three years in development, the system “worked” but wasn’t intuitive as to how a user would actually search for information or use the software in an everyday scenario. The company knew this and felt our creativity could offer a fresh perspective and that the right design would also help sell the platform.

We brought top-notch thinking to the party and fleshed out how the interface would work, analyzing use-cases and considering the logic of healthcare workers, as well as the sometimes-antiquated systems they may be using as part of their hospital infrastructure. With this research as our base, our team created a multi-faceted Boolean Logic, a logical schema, catering to how one may need to sort medical data as a caregiver.

We developed a simple yet sophisticated user interface, on-brand and user-friendly, and built it out using HTML and Ruby-on-Rails coding software. The final product was hugely successful and quickly adopted by users. In 2013, after a very successful pilot program, SAMI Health and it’s holdings were acquired by Navigant.

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