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Verizon Wireless Promotional

November 11, 2014

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Verizon Wireless


Verizon Wireless was looking for ways to increase overall sales using unique promotional product capabilities to introduce  new products. With new products constantly on the horizon, the question was: How do you get people talking and equally excited for something new?


It all started with Verizon’s employees. To get employees fired up and onboard about a new phone debut, a special ‘Countdown To Launch’ kit containing employee gifts was conceptualized and presented. Unlike traditional educational collateral pieces, this launch kit was informative, interactive, compelling and buzz-worthy.


Next up,  a unique giveaway strategy was developed to wow the consumer. Unlike the expected and boring promotional giveaways, we brainstormed ideas that were both useful and interesting to the customer.


Lastly, we created a promotional products campaign that supports a new sales initiative program to  potential enterprise business clients. To effectively communicate with business customers, we presented a three-pronged campaign – a webinar, a meet-and-greet dinner and a seminar. At each touchpoint or event, Verizon Wireless wanted to  thank and reward participants for taking the time to learn about their product offerings. Multiple program options and opportunities were presented showcasing our ability for unique customization, complete flexibility and seamless integration.