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ReCommunity RFP Responses

November 10, 2014

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RFP Responses

When a company depends on the RFP process to succeed, they need a foolproof formula to continually produce winning RFP presentations. ReCommunity, Atomic Wash’s pure-play recycling client turned to us to create a template that could be used as the foundation for all of their RFP responses.


The result is a flexible, customizable format that can be tailored to fit the exact requirements of the RFP. In addition, we built in the ability to package the RFP as a hardcover book; a spiral bound book or a 3-ring binder. Since Atomic Wash’s involvement with ReCommunity’s RFP responses, they’ve enjoyed a 90% win rate from all submissions. Our design has continually been praised and has helped win the company numerous projects.