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ReCommunity Brand Identity

November 10, 2014

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Brand Identity

One week before public launch, ReCommunity presented Atomic Wash with what they termed a crisis. In the 11th hour an impactful new logo had to be created and it had to be created fast. A challenge indeed, but Atomic Wash is no stranger to proverbial fire drills.


With ReCommunity’s mission, vision and values in mind, Atomic Wash designers diligently brainstormed ways to illustrate the company and their desire for community partnerships. What came to be was a singular logo with three hexagon components each representing a carbon molecule. The first component “RE” stands for the ability to give new life to resources that were previously destined for landfill. The second “Community” component was critical because it reinforced the company’s primary focus to the notion of community. The third “Recycling” component reinforced ReCommunity’s commitment to recycling. However, “recycling” could easily be interchanged with a specific facility locale to generate attention to a particular area.


The Logo system/schema has proved successful on multiple levels. Not only has it helped integrate ReCommunity with the communities they serve, but it also serves as an iconic stamp promoting the ReCommunity brand and recycling awareness.

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