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NIKE Grind Presentation

November 10, 2014

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NIKE Grind


Reinvent Cool.

Atomic Wash outlined and presented NIKE Grind with a myriad of ways to transform old tattered sneakers into fresh impactful ideas.


Combining our expertise in ideation and strategy, we brainstormed literally hundreds of ways to create new products out of NIKE Grind (the rubber, foam and fiber end-product created from recycled sneakers). Instead of simply coming up with predictable promotional items, we made sure every idea was sustainable, functional, brand-able, desirable, memorable, and ultimately feasible.


The following is a sample of our thinking:
iPhone Cases  |  Practical, protective cases for one of the most visible products in the marketplace today.
Shoe Insoles  |  With NIKE Grind insoles you’re always on the court, and always on top of your game.
Baseball Diamonds  | Little League baseball fields across the nation support the youth of today.
Flip Flops for the Developing World  |  A simple, low cost idea that can change lives in communities where people often go barefoot and suffer from soil-borne diseases.
NIKE Grind Jewelry  |  As a fundraising mechanism, Pro-athlete shoes could be combined with various metals to create unique jewelry pieces.


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