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Advocate Brand Identity

April 18, 2013

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Brand Identity

After working with our strategic partner, PitchMaps™ to define their overall business voice and messaging, Advocate Consulting, elected to change their name to simply “Advocate” and add a tagline, “The Cloud and Connectivity Insiders.” They approached us on recommendation because they needed a new logo and marketing materials designed to support this new identity.


Our task was to adapt and blend the new name, tagline, voice and messaging into a strong, meaningful logo and brand look. We started very conventionally with a “brainstorm” session complete with pencil and paper to ensure our ideas truly worked before we touched the computers. Our goal was a logo that was disruptive, engaging, meaningful, memorable, and authentic. After a few rounds of logos, we arrived on a final direction.


We created a compelling symbol for the company, which directly relates to PitchMaps™, messaging. It came about by incorporating a diagram that Advocate uses in their sales process in order to simplify the complex story of how they work. We refined it and distilled it down to elegant and simple symbol that represents a cloud (where they work) and their process (how they work). The story is ever-present and works as a sales tool as well as a memorable symbol.


Advocate is completely happy with their new logo and as a result, expanded their partnership with Atomic Wash, tapping our team to develop their website, sales collateral materials and annual conference materials.


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