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itracks Branding Identity

April 18, 2013

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Branding Identity

itracks, a pioneer in qualitative online research, was the first company to conduct an online focus group back in the 1990’s, ultimately becoming the thought leader in that market. Subsequently, patented software tools were created, and as part of a larger growth strategy, itracks needed to shift their business focus. Atomic Wash was brought in to streamline a seamless transition from being a back room software provider to a front-end solution. A complete rebrand and reposition went into motion.


For starters, Atomic Wash felt a world–class company deserved a world-class logo, one that could tell an even bigger story. Several designs were developed ultimately landing on one possessing the perfect mix of thoughtful design and abstract storytelling.


The new logo was bold, colorful and insightful. It incorporates a Helios – one in which the outer, most colorful band represented a focus group full of different people and opinions. Progressing towards the center, “a focus group became a group; focused”— a filtering of opinions and feedback landing on one conclusion, represented by a single color band.

What We Did