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November 06, 2014

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Website Design

On request from Advocate who was pleased with our work on their new logo, we began to concurrently develop a new website that could further support their brand identity.


As a complex cloud and connectivity provider, it was key that we begin by examining the required content before building out appropriate graphics to tell the story. As usual at Atomic Wash, we decided to start by simplifying. We cut the amount of content from the original site by about 50%, breaking it down to the essentials while rewriting the copy to maintain a clear narrative style. We introduced case studies and sales tools throughout the site along with powerful calls to action. We tied in a great deal of the messaging from their PitchMap™ and expanded upon it, making the content very real and substantial to the visitor. We then developed a graphic story using visuals we created that are clean and modern, and able to tell several effective stories.


The result is  a very strong, effective and responsive website for Advocate that works across all platforms. The site is complete with a CMS system that enables easy updating and ties to their sales infrastructure and content marketing. Since launching, Advocate has experienced 3x more traffic than their original site and engagement time has gone up by 65%.

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